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Three boys posing with Bishop Onesimus and Rev. Can. Bazahuza

Three Boys’ sight restored! Hallelujah!

Brethren, Praise the name of the Most High. God did it again! Please allow me share this Good News, for the glory of God.

We are encouraged to stand firm in prayer and keep our faith. Our God hears and answers our prayers. Hallelujah!

This Saturday 29th July 2023, Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe had a powerful ministry at Burama in Bwambara Archdeaconry in North Kigezi Diocese. Many people called on the name of Jesus for salvation.

Also, three boys (Primary 5, Primary 6, and Primary 7) had been sent home by their Headteachers because they had lost their ability to read anything in a book or even on the chalkboard. The medical workers had failed to detect any errors in the young men’s optical systems. When a mother of one of the boys mentioned it as her prayer request, Bishop Onesimus called forward the son and gave him a simple test of reading a text in the Bible. Indeed, the boy could not read any word. The Bishop therefore went ahead and prayed for him. The Lord restored his sight instantly.

Then, two more boys came with a similar problem, “Whenever I opened a book, I could only see darkness, and I could also not read from the chalkboard, so I was sent away from school and I am now at home,” said one of the boys.

After the Bishop had prayed for them, each one of them was given a Bible and they were able to read the texts they were asked to read.” Hallelujah! Fortunately, they had all come with their parents.

Following up with the Headteacher for two of the boys on the phone call, he confirmed the condition of those pupils and also thanked God for the miracles.

To God be the Glory!