Welcome to the North Kigezi Diocese Finance/Treasury page.
The North Kigezi Diocesan Treasury is responsible for management and administration of the Diocesan financial books and records. The department also provides assistance to the Diocese in financial matters.
The Diocese has dedicated Finance Advisors; The Treasurer and The Accounts Officer, assisted by The Accounts records Officer, to support you with your finance and stewardship.

Source of Finances
The Diocese of North Kigezi is primarily funded by Quota. Quota is money given by every parish to provide and support clergy, and to further our work in every parish, across North Kigezi Diocese.
Other sources of finance include Fundraising and gifts/donations. The Diocese also invests in small scale income generation activities such as rental houses, commercial trees project. These also supplement our budget in spearheading our work in the diocese.

Diocesan Finances
The finances of the Diocese of North Kigezi are planned by the Board of Finance, Planning and Investment and checked by an external audit firm.


North Kigezi Diocese SACCO
The diocese of North Kigezi owns a SACCO which supports clergy and Christians in meeting their financial needs hence improve their standards of living through offering loans with low interest rates. It has also played a big role in instilling the culture of saving among its clients.
North Kigezi Diocese Empowerment Scheme/NOKIDES
North Kigezi Diocese set up a financial scheme which also supports organized groups from different parishes. It is meant to help them to start income generating activities. NOKIDES is currently supporting 9 groups from designated parishes. The groups include;

  •  Rwendahi C.O.U NOKIDES group
  •  Kibale Parish NOKIDES group
  •  Nyakinengo Parish NOKIDES group
  •  Rubirizi Fathers Union NOKIDES group
  •  Rubirizi Mothers union NOKIDES group
  •  Katurika Parish NOKIDES group
  •  Kinyasano Tukwatanise NOKIDES group
  •  Kanyanga Parish NOKIDES Group
  •  Katobotobo Parish NOKIDES group

We appreciate the generous donation from Jonathan and Joan from Australia who supported us in starting the scheme.

Our Commitment

We are committed to building an open-opportunity Diocese for all in the church of Uganda (Province) which also a cornerstone of our constitution.
Our vision is “To see a vibrant spirit driven Diocese.”

We pledge to achieve this by continuing to redress the Diocese’s activities through opening opportunity and ensuring Christians are able to use these opportunities to improve their lives spiritually, socially as well as economically. We put the systems, structures and budgets in place that are needed to take us closer to this goal. We need to make progress when it comes to creating the conditions for higher economic growth and job creation in the Diocese and improving service delivery to Christians.

We know that we still have a lot of work to do, we also recognize that we need to do a lot more with limited resources, be more innovative, work better and implement our policies and plans more efficiently. (2 Peter 3:18). The Diocese’s Strategic Plan, sets our ten strategic goals that aim to achieve objectives so that we can create an enabling environment for higher economic growth, improve education and health outcomes and build better living environment for our Christians and the entire community at large.

Finally, we believe that progress will only be possible if everyone works together. “But now take courage all you people still left in the land, says the Lord. Take courage and work for I am with you.” (Haggai 2:4). We need committed government, active citizens and responsible stakeholders who accept their responsibilities and committed leadership (Church) in all spheres of life to make our Vision a reality.
We would love your prayersand financial support in spearheading God’s work, especially our current
projects especially;
 Expansion of the Cathedral
 The Convention
Thank you so much and may God bless you!
Rev. Collin Tugatungire; Acting Diocesan Treasurer