Mosaic Vision (MV) is a child ministry program under North Kigezi Diocese. Mosaic started in 2005 with founders Dr. Shannon Irvine and Micah Irvine.

Our vision isTo restore livelihoods of children affected by HIV/AIDS’. Our first priority are child headed families which we take on and identify a caregiver most preferably a widow or widower who supports the children till they are able to make their own good and healthy decisions. We operate in 10 of 13 archdeaconries and our target is to cover all the archdeaconries.

The program is holistic in nature as it ensures meeting of the cognitive, physical, spiritual, socio-economic spheres of development of a child. We believe that a child has potential and when understood and well mentored, that potential is exhibited in the life of a child as a young Christian adult. Some of the activities done in Mosaic include; Child centre days, Discipleship, Counseling, provision of scholastic materials and basic needs, home improvement through construction of new homes for the homeless, renovating the old ones, caregivers program, Leadership program, Education, Health services for all children, home visitations, safe water promotion through constructing our families with rain harvesting tanks, promotion of sustainable agriculture , IGPAs like Piggery, coffee, goat rearing, poultry keeping among others.

Our values include: glorifying God, being a blessing to others, holistic ministry, building self-sustaining Christian adults, dignity of the children we serve, excellence, mentoring and role modeling, cherishing family roles, recognition of the church as God’s ordained institution for holistic child, skill training, discipleship, next generation focused and stewardship and accountability.

Today, Mosaic is serving over 600 children (both sponsored and unsponsored) all under 170 families.

We want every child to say;In reference to Ex.13:3 this ‘…for by a strong hand, the Lord brought you out of slavery’.