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Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe concludes his Pastoral visits to Rubiriizi Archdeaconry.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Bishop Onesimus and Maama Florence have concluded their five-days Pastoral visit to Rubiriizi Archdeaconry. Led by the Rubiriizi Archdeacon; The Rev. Canon Geoffrey Mutabazi and Hope Mutabazi, Bishop Onesimus and Maama Florence Asiimwe visited each of the five parishes that make up the Archdeaconry of Rubiriizi, North Kigezi Diocese.

In each parish, Bishop Onesimus untiringly preached the gospel of Jesus Christ, emphasizing his vision for North Kigezi Diocese “To see revival in North Kigezi”. Through his powerful and diverse sermons and teachings, Bishop O never missed to demonstrate his theme, which is, “First things first!” – “Let us seek First the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all the other things will be added unto us.” Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe. God has been faithful, and has continuously used His Servant Bishop to draw many to Christ. Sparks of revival have been witnessed through huge numbers of people repenting their sins, chains and bondages being broken as people flee and turn to Christ for salvation. Following are the numbers of people that responded to the Alter calls in each parish; Ndago parish: 257, Katobotobo parish: 63, Nyamabaare parish: 618, Karukaata parish: 182 Rubiriizi parish (Archdeaconry centre): 203, totaling to One thousand, three hundred and twenty three(1,323) people that surrendered their lives to Christ and received salvation in Rubiriizi Archdeaconry.

Alongside preaching the gospel, Bishop Onesimus also confirmed new Christians in the Church of Uganda Anglican faith, and these are the numbers for each parish; Ndago parish: 305, Katobotobo parish: 98, Nyamabaare parish: 189, Karukaata parish: 164, Rubiriizi parish (Archdeaconry centre): 205, totaling to Nine hundred and sixty-one (961) confirmants in Rubiriizi Archdeaconry.

In addition to preaching the gospel of Christ, Bishop Onesimus also preached the gospel of the revival in education of the boy Child, highlighting that a lot of advocacy has been done for the education of the Girl child, while the Boy child slowly weakens and wastes away in alcoholism and crime due to lack of attention. Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe therefore consistently called upon parents and guardians to take their boys to Makobore High School for proper and Godly grooming.

Bishop Onesimus also urged church leaders and Christians to practice strategic usage of the gift of land, by engaging in coffee farming so they can raise their incomes and improve their standards of living. He emphasized that according to research, coffee farming has proven to be the most reliable cash crop that can bring in money without fail.

The Bishop also persistently encouraged Christians to embrace the culture of saving their money, in order to secure their future. He requested people to save with the North Kigezi Diocese SACCO, whereby he demonstrated this by opening bank accounts and depositing some savings for at least one child in each parish he has visited. Many people responded by opening accounts with the North Kigezi Diocese SACCO.

To God be the glory.

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