You are currently viewing Rt. Rev. Bishop Benon Magezi launches The Church of Uganda Positive Parenting Guide in North Kigezi Diocese.

Rt. Rev. Bishop Benon Magezi launches The Church of Uganda Positive Parenting Guide in North Kigezi Diocese.

“Children are like balloons. They are vulnerable, different, and shouldn’t be compared. If a balloon is filled with the right air (helium), it can fly high. Every child is different and capable of reaching their potential if parented positively. We should help them grow and develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.” Those were the words of Rev. Richard Rukundo, during a one-day workshop on Parenting at the Emmanuel Cathedral Kinyasano in North Kigezi Diocese, yesterday 28th Oct 2020. The workshop which also included the launch of the Church of Uganda Positive Parenting Guide was organized by the Church of Uganda Children’s Ministry Department under the theme: “Take Care of this Child” Exod 2:9. The workshop convened Parish clergy, Mothers’ Union, Fathers’ Union, Churchwardens, and Children’s leaders/Sunday school teachers, among others from all the archdeaconries across North Kigezi Diocese.

While launching the Positive Parenting Guide, the Bishop of North Kigezi Diocese, Rt.Rev. Benon Magezi commissioned the participants to be good ambassadors of positive parenting in their respective churches and communities. He encouraged them to practice positive parenting with all children whether biological or non-biological and of all ages because no person is old enough to outgrow parenting; parenting is a lifelong journey.

It should be noted that the Church of Uganda provincial assembly standing committee sitting in December 2019 resolved that 2020 continues to be the year for children, with the Church of Uganda focusing on addressing issues that affect the welfare of children in the country. The focus for this year is on “Positive Parenting” to strengthen the Family and encourage Children’s work and ministry especially with the coming of the COVID 19 Pandemic which created unavoidable situations that affected the whole world leading to the closure of schools and worship places in the country. We realize that children in Uganda remain at risk in this period and have been affected by conflicts in homes especially now due to limited resources. Children need to be protected so that they can grow and fulfill their dreams. Children and youth need our prayers and action for protection and provision.

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