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Mary’s Day Celebration 2023 at Emmanuel Cathedral Kinyasano

It was glorious, today Sunday 26 th March 2023 at Emmanuel Cathedral Kinyasano, as the Mothers’ Union celebrated Mary’s day in a colourful Sunday Service. The event started off with the Mothers’ Union members matching from Canon Beatrice Training Centre to the Cathedral, raising the Mothers’ Union Flag up high, together
with Bishop Onesimus and Maama Florence Asiimwe, the Dean; Emmanuel Cathedral Rev. Can. Baingana Eric Mugyenzi and his wife Constance Baingana, the Diocesan Mothers’ Union President-Mrs. Irene Tumwesigyire, the Mothers’ Union leader for Emmanuel Cathedral; Canon Florence Katunguuka, and other dignitaries.

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Thereafter, the Church Service was officiated by the North Kigezi Diocese; The Rt. Rev. Onesimus Asiimwe; assisted by the Dean of Emmanuel Cathedral; Rev. Can. Eric Baingana Mugyenzi. Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe was also the preacher of the day and many souls gave their lives to Christ after his sermon about The love of God, and The Virtuous Woman with reference to 1 Corinthians 13 and Proverbs 31 respectively.

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The Guest of honour for the day was Mr. John Mugisha Muhwezi Nyindombi who was accompanied by his wife Shoalla Muhwezi. In his speech, Mr. Muhwezi urged the Mothers’ Union members to be mothers’ Union members all the time, not only on Mary’s day. He encouraged them to be good examples, especially to the young women, so that they can bring sanity to our society and the country at large, by forming strong family foundations, “ahabwokuba aba Mothers’ Union, mushemereire kuba muri ekyokureeberaho kirungi aha kwombeka amaka. Abawokuba abakazi nibo barikwombeka amaka…” said Muhwezi. While emphasizing the role of Revival and Christianity, Mr. Muhwezi also highlighted that the Church should have an upper hand in instilling morality and civilization among the people, more than the government; i.e in the fight against Homosexuality and other negative practices. He also requested the Bishop and Christians about the need for the revival of the glory of Makobore High School. Mr. and Mrs. Muhwezi contributed 2 million towards the proposed project for the construction of the Emmanuel Cathedral Mothers’ Union Canteen which is in the pipeline.

As the norm, a total of nine (9) new Mothers’ members were commissioned and welcomed to the Union. The event was also highlighted by a number of amazing performances by the Emmanuel Cathedral Mothers’ Union members and students from Kinyasano Girls High School.
The event was crowned by the cutting of the cake.

To God be the Glory!

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