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North Kigezi Diocese Lay Readers’ Retreat/Refresher course

North Kigezi Diocese Lay Readers had a one-day retreat which was also termed as a refresher course, at Emmanuel Cathedral, Kinyasano. The Lay Readers’ retreat/Refresher course which was the first one of its kind, was organized and hosted by the Diocesan administration where the guest speaker was Rev. Can. Yolokam Kamoomo(Rtd) from South Ankole Diocese, assisted by Bishop Onesimus and Maama Florence Asiimwe, and moderated by the North Kigezi Diocesan Secretary; Rev. Enoch Karamuzi.

Speaking from experience, and with reference to Jesus’ ministry, Rev. Canon Yolokam Kamoomo who was once a Lay reader shared tips that made him succeed in his ministry, which among others included; Prayer, hard work, building good work relationships, studying the Bible (Being Bible students) and not to allow tiredness be an excuse for failure.

In her remarks, Maama Florence Asiimwe reassured the Lay readers of their GREAT IMPORTANCE in the ministry, emphasizing that without them, there would be no work for the top leaders of the Church. She highlighted the difference between Lay readership as a job and Lay readership as Ministry. She therefore encouraged the Lay readers to consider their service as ministry instead of a job, considering Jesus as their boss/supervisor.

Relating them with her father-in-law (Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe’s father), who was also a Lay reader, Maama Florence expressed her great respect for the Lay readers and encouraged them to serve relentlessly knowing that their works are known to God, and will be rewarded for their hard work, either in their generation or in generations to come.

Maama Florence also unveiled the proposed uniform for the Lay readers’ wives, which she requested the Bishop to approve and bless. The Lay readers appreciated the proposed uniform, while the Bishop promised to improve on it before commissioning. Maama Florence concluded her address with a promise of more fellowships with the women in ministry, especially the Clergy wives and the Lay readers’ wives, in the coming years.

In his address to the Lay readers, Bishop Onesimus expressed his appreciation to them and commended them for their tireless efforts in God’s ministry. Emphasizing their importance in ministry, he referred to them as “the foot soldiers” of Christ,and that there is no war that can be won without foot soldiers.

The Bishop pleaded with the Lay readers not to expect worldly riches in their ministry, but expect a heritage of faith for them and for their children. He however reminded them that if they work hard and honestly, God is also able to bless them with those riches. He encouraged them to seek God’s kingdom first, and use prayer as their main tool in their service.

The Bishop also reminded the Lay readers that, Christ is the Head of the church, and therefore asked them not stoop too low, in order to get favours from people, but seek favour from God.

He finally urged them to hang in there, go back re-energized and recharged, work in humility and wisdom.

The Diocesan Secretary; Rev. Enoch Karamuzi encouraged the Lay readers to properly use the church resources allocated to them for their families’ well-being and development. He also encouraged them to join the KIDO Insurance scheme for their benefit and the benefit of their families.

To God be the glory!