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North Kigezi Diocese Clergy and spouses retreat, and Clergy Transfers 2023

North Kigezi Diocese clergy and their spouses had a one-day retreat with Bishop Onesimus and Maama Florence Asiimwe. The clergy retreat took place at Emmanuel Cathedral Kinyasano and the theme was from Matthew 6:33 “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these other things will be added unto you.” Alongside Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe, the Guest preacher was Rev. Can. Yolokam Kamoomo who was accompanied by his wife Canon Joy Kamoomo.

In his opening remarks, Bishop Onesimus expressed his appreciation to the clergy for a very warm welcome and love shown to him and his family, which is a symbol of their readiness to work with him in preaching the gospel of Christ. The Bishop also unveiled his vision for North Kigezi, to the clergy as “To see Revival in North Kigezi Diocese above everything else”.

In his sermon and teaching, Bishop Onesimus reminded the clergy that Christ is the Only Head for His Church, and the clergy are called to be shepherds of His Flock, and that they should be a good representation of Christ among His people, by living exemplary lives reflecting Christ’s service and shepherding (serving in humility, prayerfulness, etc). He emphasized that seeking God first before anything else would be the only way through which they are able to do their job, “It takes God’s power to do God’s work”.

In his sermon about seeking the Kingdom of God, Rev.Can. Yolokam Kamoomo emphasized the importance of four key things that every servant of God should practice; having a Vision, prayer, patience, repentance and hardwork (working for God and for their families).

While addressing the clergy wives, Maama Florence Asiimwe also unveiled her commitment to North Kigezi Diocese as “Making the gospel of Christ attractive”: She encouraged the clergy wives to preach the gospel of Christ where God has placed them with good works like being hospitable, and being supportive of their husbands’ ministry,

“We cannot compete with our husbands to preach the gospel in the pulpit, but we can preach the gospel by making our husband’s gospel attractive. Preach the gospel with your good works and where necessary use the words. Tell that flask that, You flask, You and I shall preach the gospel in Jesus’ name. You table, you shall never run dry, and you and I shall preach the gospel in Jesus’ name.” Maama Florence Asiimwe.

Clergy Transfers

Among other administrative communications, Bishop Onesimus called upon the clergy to make good use of the church land for development, especially to plant coffee trees.

The Bishop also read the clergy transfers including the placement of the newly ordained deacons as follows;

   Staff posting/Transfers-June 2023

S/N0Parish/InstitutionChurch Minister postedHis/Her former station/position
1.Ndere ParishRev. Mbabazi James(Priest)Burama Parish
2.All Saints Church RukungiriRev. Murangira Alfred(Deacon) as CurateTraining in All Saints Church Rukungiri
3.Kakonkoma ParishRev. Mwijuka Andrew(Priest)Kinyasano Girls High School
4.Rwanyanja ParishRev. Kwehangana Richard(Deacon)Training in Buhandagazi Parish
5.Marashaniro ParishRev. Byaruhanga Godfrey(Deacon)Training in Bwanga
6.Kyamurari ParishRev. Kweringa Fred(Deacon)Training in Nyakiju/Kitojo Parish
7.Buhandagazi ParishRev. Syson Gumisiriza(Priest)Nyabushenyi Parish
8.Rukungiri Tech. Institute Kyamakada ParishRev. Amanya Benson (Deacon) as Chaplain/CurateTraining in Rukungiri Technical Institute
9.Kinyasano B.P.S & Emmanuel CathedralRev. Elias Nuwagaba(Deacon) as Chaplain and CurateTraining in Bugangari S.S.S
10.Bwambara ParishRev. Bitambo Dennis(Deacon)Training in Rugyera-Nyabubaare Parish
11.Makobore H/SRev. Taremwa Hannington(Deacon) as CurateTraining in Makobore H/S
12.Kasoroza ParishRev. Edinah Arinaitwe(Deacon) as CurateTraining in Emmanuel Cathedral
13.Bugangari ArchdeaconryRev. Mugire Borman(Deacon) Curate/Chaplain Bugangari S.S.STraining in Bwambara
14.St. Luke Garubunda-Kakinga ArchRev. Twongyeirwe James(Deacon)Training in Rumbugu
15.Kinyasano G.H.SRev. Isabella Natwijuka(Deacon) as ChaplainTraining in Kinyasano
16.Bwanga ParishRev. Ampumuza Faith(Deacon) as Curate/Chaplain-Bwanga S.S.STraining in Kashanda C.O.U
17.Rumbugu ParishRev. Muhairwe Edson(Priest)Kyabugashe Parish
18.Burama ParishRev. Owoyesigyire Martine(Deacon)Training in Garubunda
19.Kyabugashe ParishRev. Omara Arthur(Priest)Chaplain-Nyakagyeme Parish S.s
20.Nyabushenyi ParishRev. Erastone KyomukamaKatobotobo Parish Rubirizi
21.Nyakagyeme S.SRev. Amos Musinguzi of Nyamifura Parish acting Chaplain 
22.Kahoko Mitooma ParishRev. Nabaasa Edson(Deacon)Training in Rwabukoba
23.Katobotobo ParishRev. Twongyeirwe David(Deacon)Training in Katungu

Posting transfers take effect on 01/07/2023.

To God be the glory!