Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe Visits Chilli Children’s Project and commissions Medical Appliances

As part of his Diocesan Projects tour, The Bishop of North Kigezi Diocese; The Rt. Rev. Onesimus Asiimwe visited North Kigezi Diocese/Rukungiri Growers Orphans and Disabled Children’s Project (G.O.D’s), also commonly referred to as “The Chilli Children’s Project”.

The Bishop toured the Rehabilitation Centre at North Kigezi Diocese Kinyasano, led by Mrs. Mbabazi Evas; the Project Manager/Occupational Therapist. Mbabazi gave a detailed therapeutic explanation and demonstration on how different appliances/equipment are used on each individual patient.   

In her address, Mbabazi gave an overview of the Chilli Children’s Project major activities which she summarized as the Five finger project; Field surveys, Medical services, Education, Chilli growing and clubfoot/learning life skill clinics. She highlighted the respective hospitals in partnership with the project (Kisiizi Hospital, CORSU Hospital, CURE Children’s Hospital in Mbale, Bethel Surgico Clinic, etc). She recognized and appreciated the work done by the Project founder; Ms. Patricia Gilmer, Project current Trustees based in the United Kingdom, together with Emily the Project In-Country Trustee, Jenny Smith-Director CMS Northern Island, Mission Direct, Project Staff and above all, she greatly appreciated the parents and guardians for their love and care towards the dear children with disabilities.

In his address to the parents and guardians of the disabled children, Bishop Onesimus shared Psalm 127:3 “Children are a gift from God. They are a real blessing.” He appreciated them for not giving up on those children, for loving and caring for them in their conditions. He also encouraged them to be positive and have hope in those children, trusting that they will have a bright future, they will be normal and responsible citizens of this world, and they will also bear children with no faults.

The Bishop thanked God for the Project founder; Ms. Pat Gilmer, and all the funders for their generous and tremendous contribution, compassion and selflessness. He sensitized and cautioned the parents and guardians to be sensitive and protect these children with disabilities, against wrongdoers/harmful people in the community who may violate their rights. He encouraged parents and guardians to grow more chilli as an income generating activity to raise money and take care of those children’s needs.

He appreciated the efforts of the Project Staff led by Evas Mbabazi for doing an extraordinary work that requires love and patience.

Commissioning of the Medical Appliances

Bishop Onesimus then commissioned and blessed the medical appliances that came in as a donation from Norman, Rita and family from the United Kingdom. The appliances were purposely to support children with physical and mental impairment (Rehabilitation services). They include a Parallel bar, Cratches, Standing frame, Walker, Stair case, (to support and improve on mobility), Prone boards (to improve head-neck control), Therapeutic mats (for multiple functional activities/ exercises), Roller (to relieve muscle tightness), Bobath ball (neurodevelopmental treatment/NDT), potty commodes, cerebral palsy commodes (to support posture, and other functional skills).

In attendance, there was the Diocesan Secretary; Rev. Enoch Karamuzi, a member of the Project management board, Rev. Ronald Natuhwera, the Assistant DHO-Rukungiri District; Kyomuhangi Christine, well-wishers; Mo Power from United Kingdom, and Sydney Santos from United States of America.

To God be the Glory.